Custom Casework Contractor for Asbury Ocean Club Hotel

Custom Casework Contractor for Asbury Ocean Club Hotel

Get the best from the same custom casework contractor for Asbury Ocean Club Hotel. Our team used its expertise to bring a freshly polished and sophisticated aura to their building. We are proud of the work we did for the luxurious entrance and dazzling lounge of such a grand vacation destination.

Like any other project we are fortunate to work on, our team approaches the design with the intention of matching the vibe the client wants to exude while adding our craftsmanship to the final aesthetic their customers will experience. Our core values include an unconditional commitment to our customers, managing ourselves with the highest level of integrity and respect, ensuring that our focus is always dedicated to safety, on-time performance, and teamwork. For more than 40 years, we have been providing premium grade architectural woodwork and casework for the commercial construction industry serving the Corporate, Judicial, Healthcare, Gaming and Hospitality marketplaces.

Our work on the hotel has transformed it entirely. The entrance way now is cloaked on both sides with panels that reflect golden lights around guests who enter. It’s a visual fanfare to their welcome at the hotel. In the lounge, soft brown slates lit by from the top keep the mood light, mature, and inviting to relaxation. The work is subtle yet appreciative in its attempt to attract the eye without pulling focus.

In addition to its existing production facilities, and in association with our production partners, we have approximately 325,000 sf of manufacturing resources. We use the best programs for our designs and development strategies. Drawing platforms include the latest version of AutoCad and WoodCadCam, a very sophisticated 3D drawing program that allows direct programming to the CNC equipment on the shop floor.

Our team of construction professionals is pleased to have been a part of accommodating for the hospitality sector, including being the custom casework contractor for Asbury Ocean Club Hotel.

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