Our Services

Pre-Construction Services

From the initial design phases of the project throughout the development of the construction documents, Capitol Woodwork provides the design and construction community with the following complimentary services.

Budget / Design Analysis

Even at the initial stages of design, Capitol Woodwork can provide the project team with a thorough analysis of the projected cost of woodwork, acoustical treatments and related items for the project and a detailed analysis and cost breakdown for further review by the project team. Capitol Woodwork assists the team with this review and facilitates any other relevant information requested by the project team.

Value Engineering

Throughout the development of the initial budgets and design concepts, Capitol Woodwork will assist the project team with suggestions and options as to how to minimize cost while respecting design intent.


As the design team explores different design solutions and details, Capitol Woodwork can provide project mock-ups that are helpful to the design team as a way to preview their design concept and correct any minor details if needed before finalizing the construction documents.

Constructability Assistance

Capitol Woodwork supports the project team with technical advise and expertise through drawing assistance (electronic or hard copy) and expert opinion on how to properly detail complex woodwork conditions. Capitol Woodwork’s expertise on technical matters relating to woodwork includes but is not limited to constructability solutions to maximize design intent while minimizing costs, and ensuring that fire rating, UV protection and humidity control and considered throughout.

Flitch and Veneer Samples

Veneer samples will be supplied to ensure the highest standards are met for the selection of the veneer flitch. Once the design team’s sample is approved, Capitol Woodwork’s quality control specialists will search throughout both national and international veneer suppliers to find the perfect flitch that will match the requirements of the project.

Bidding Phase & Award

This phase will begin with a complete understanding of the construction documents and project specifications. A thorough analysis, tabulation and breakdown of the proposed scope will be submitted to the project team for review. If awarded the project, Capitol Woodwork will coordinate with the General Contractor and the design team to review the scope of work, project roles and collaboration among team members. Capitol will also integrate its project schedule into the overall construction schedule to ensure on time performance and careful coordination with the other trades. Capitol will respond to (as specified by the project team in the kick-off meeting) any questions, provide clarifications and suggestions to the team. Capitol Woodwork’s Project Management team will be the main point of contact from this phase of the project to the closeout phase.


Shop Drawings

To mitigate the time needed to review shop drawings, Capitol will be available for a sketching session with the design team prior to the development of shop drawings. This process will ensure that important details are included in the shop drawings submission. The development of shop drawings will immediately follow and will be submitted in lump sum or in segments according to the team’s preference. If requested, Capitol Woodwork’s Project Manager will review the shop drawings upon submission with the project team.

Field research & coordination

During the development of shop drawings, our Project Manager and Project Superintendent will initiate all necessary site research and evaluation of all field conditions. Our project team will meet on a regular basis with all related trades to ensure that the required details and design intent are fully coordinated at the site and with the shop drawings. Our Project Manager and Project Superintendent will participate during all weekly subcontractor meetings and will be available for any other meeting requested by the construction team.


Capitol Woodwork will work closely with our production partners to ensure that the highest level of quality is consistently met. During the fabrication process, our on-site project team will coordinate and ensure that all other trades are building to accommodate the contract specifications and our work. Our Superintendent will provide all lay out required and coordinate with the other trades to guarantee proper alignment of finishes.

In addition to our own manufacturing facilities, all woodwork will be produced by one of our production partners in some of the largest and most sophisticated manufacturing plants in North America. Fabrication will always follow the highest standards established by the contract documents. Once fabricated, all woodwork will go through a thorough quality control procedure to ensure the highest level of AWI standards are met. After the woodwork has passed all quality control procedures, it will be properly packed and secured for its transportation to the site. All loading, unloading and transportation of all woodwork is handled and coordinated by Capitol Woodwork associates.


Upon delivery of all woodwork on site, the Capitol Woodwork installation team will work under the close supervision of Capitol’s Project Superintendent. All woodwork installation will be coordinated with the General Contractor and all other related trades. Capitol Woodworking will conduct a pre-punch-list of its work and correct any flaw prior to the project’s official punch-list.

Project Close-Out

This phase will begin with an evaluation of the contract documents, schedule and the preparation of all required documents that need to be provided to the General Contractor including the submission of Maintenance Manuals and As-Built Drawings.

Post Move-in Phase

Approximately eleven months after completion of the project, Capitol Woodwork will conduct a final walkthrough of the site. Any relevant imperfection or warranty work will be documented and corrected by Capitol Woodwork. Per the client’s request, Capitol will always be available for any other modification or maintenance requested after move-in.