Expertise & Collaboration

Capitol Woodwork, acquired recently to expand our local capabilities and presence, has been a regionally recognized premium grade woodworking company. In addition to its existing production facilities, and in association with our production partners, we have approximately 325,000 sf of manufacturing resources within the Mid-Atlantic region and stretching out to the great plains of the United States. Through our recent $1,500,000 capital investment in manufacturing technology, our plant in NJ now offers some of the most sophisticated manufacturing capabilities in the Northeast.

These manufacturing facilities include comprehensive veneer layup, lumber processing and state of the art finishing. Our combined production team employs more than 250 of the industry’s finest craftsmen, engineers, artists, project managers, project superintendents and installation mechanics.

This significant capacity allows Capitol Woodwork to handle the most time sensitive premium grade projects regardless of size, location or complexity.

Capitol Woodworking’s Mid-Atlantic Contracting office is located in Marlton NJ and is responsible for all projects from southern Virginia to the New England States. In an effort to better serve the Washington DC marketplace, Capitol has a regional office in downtown D.C. This office serves as the hub for all Project Management and Business Development activities for the Washington/Baltimore marketplaces.


Responsible to turn conceptual and architectural design into reality, we take great care to find the most applicable constructability solutions to execute the work to the highest standards defined by the Architectural Woodwork Institute. In addition to our team of in-house engineering professionals, we enjoy an international alliance of world class engineering firms to ensure shop drawings and constructability solutions are turned around expeditiously. Drawing platforms include the latest version of AutoCad and WoodCadCam a very sophisticated 3D drawing program that allows direct programing to the CNC equipment on the shop floor.


Analyzing the construction documents to fully understand the work is the first step in developing a comprehensive and competitive estimate. Our estimating professionals take great care in evaluating the drawings, specifications and the proposed contractor scope of work to ensure the team is fully protected from a costing perspective. Budgeting and firm pricing is an important component of what we do. Our trained estimators can provide detailed budgets and firm pricing to ensure design development follows anticipated budget goals. In order to accommodate fast track projects, we often provide firm budgets based on project renderings and then develop shop drawings simultaneously with the development of construction documents. This process often allows months to be removed from the construction schedule.


We’ve taken a great deal of care to assemble a network of vendor and subcontracting partners. These relationships are built on stringent prequalification requirements that align with our core values as well as our performance and quality standards. Our regional presence allows us to oversee quality control and scheduling requirements to obtain the most value for our customer.

Project Management

Some of the most important positions in our organization are held by our Project Management professionals. It is this important and talented team that acts as the orchestra leaders for each and every project to ensure the seamless flow of project information from initial submittals to final punch-list. Our Project Managers are responsible for all aspects of the work once a contract is awarded and oversee all project activities to ensure the work is completed in line with the project specifications and project schedule. This team reports directly to our Vice President of Woodwork Operations who manages the process on a daily basis ensuring that all information continues to flow expeditiously and in line with the project requirements.


Getting to the finish line on time is not accomplished by accident. It requires a collaborative effort by the entire construction team to ensure milestones are met throughout the process. All members of the team must accomplish their assigned activities in a timely manner. It starts with an on time contract release to the expeditious development of shop drawings followed by drawing approval by the contractor and architectural team. Fabrication cannot proceed without approved drawings and meaningful and accurate field layout to allow our team to secure accurate dimensions to ensure the work is being built in line with the contract documents. Within 10 business days of a contract award, our project team is charged with assembling a comprehensive project sequencing schedule developed in harmony with the overall construction schedule. The intent is to ensure that the entire construction team is aware of the milestones required to get us to the finish line on time.


Regardless of how well the work is designed and manufactured, this phase of the project must continue to align to the standards initiated during the production process. All installations are managed and overseen by our Directors of Field Operations, Superintendents and Foremen. Our important and comprehensive team of installation subcontractors provides us with the ability to supply hundreds of men to our numerous job sites simultaneously from Southern Virginia to New England. We have both Union and Open Shop resources ensuring that the right groups of installation craftsmen are positioned appropriately and in the correct numbers to meet the stringent project schedules associated with our work.