Custom Casework For Retail Stores

Custom Casework For Retail Stores

It’s an important decision when choosing a contractor to build custom casework for retail stores. The woodwork or casework in your store should not only be appealing to the eye, it should reflect your brand and remain durable and viable for many years to come. Your casework specialist should be able to design the ideal look for your store, be able to access materials and equipment quickly, and complete the project on time and to your specifications, with the ability to make changes as needed.

At Capitol Woodwork, our goal is to provide the highest quality casework for your store and to create a look that makes the best impression on your employees and customers. We are based in southern New Jersey, but we continue to grow and expand our facilities to serve the mid-Atlantic region as well as the Northeast and New England.

We have the equipment, staff and flexibility to build casework that works for your store, whatever its type and size, and we can do it for a competitive price. We work with a large network of production partners, and we’ve recently expanded our own production facility to offer far more sophisticated manufacturing capability.

When you choose Capitol for your custom casework needs, we work with you from start to finish to beautify your retail store. We explain the costs of production to you, and offer ways to minimize them. We’ll work with your production team as needed and provide expert advice on drawing and woodworking conditions. You’ll be able to choose from multiple veneer samples and suppliers, which then go through our own quality control process. Our project engineers set up the design scope, submit it for your approval, and coordinate the details to ensure your casework is everything you’ve desired.

If you’d like to know more about why Capitol Woodwork remains the preferred choice in custom casework for retail stores, contact us today to tell us about your project. We look forward to remaking and beautifying your business.