NJ Custom Casework for Public Buildings

Capitol Woodwork is the premier destination for local governments seeking NJ custom casework for public buildings. We provide premium grade architectural woodwork for public entities throughout the northeast region. Capitol is dedicated to commitment to our customers, carrying out projects with integrity and respect, and on time and on budget performance.

With New Jersey’s local and state municipalities, new construction budgets can often be strained, and public entities are focused on having taxpayer-funded projects completed on time. At Capitol, we have the staff and resources to do just that. From design to construction, we’re capable of delivering high quality woodworking projects without delays or surprise costs.

Capitol features custom casework expertise and collaboration in every phase of your project:

Engineering. We find the most applicable solutions to execute your woodwork finish to the highest standards as defined by the Architectural Woodwork Institute. We employ a team of in-house engineering professionals, and we share an alliance with world class engineering firms for quick turnaround of shop drawings.

Budgeting. We take great care in evaluating the drawings and specifications of your project, and ensure that the team is protecting from a costing perspective. We establish firm pricing to keep design and development focused on budget goals based on project renderings.

Project Management. Our project team assembles a comprehensive scheduling plan within ten days of a contract award. We ensure that the entire construction team is aware of the milestones to complete a project on time.

Installation. Our team of installation subcontractors enable us to send a sufficient amount of workers to your site to complete your woodwork installation. We provide both Union and Open Shop resources to meet project requirements.

Find out more about why Capitol Woodwork is a trusted source in NJ custom casework for public buildings. View some of our completed public projects here, or contact us today to tell us about your new development or improvement plans. We can create a beautiful new finish for your building, all on time and at a fair price.

Custom Casework for Country Clubs

NJ Custom Casework for Country Clubs

When it’s time to renovate or design a home for golfers, you should be sure that your investment result is nothing less than a stunning display of architecture. The quality of NJ custom casework for country clubs is too important to trust to anything less than a top notch contractor. Make the decision to let a specialist help you design your new wood look, call on a team with quick access to the materials you need, and create an environment that is inviting to golfers and guests alike.

For any country club hoping to attract top clientele, atmosphere is a must. Whether your club is a relaxing place after 18 holes, or you are hosting high end gatherings, your indoor space should be aesthetically pleasing in every way. A classic wooden framework with the right colors and textures is all part of a memorable visitor experience.

Capitol Woodwork can design and build your custom casework needs. We’ve built a strong and efficient network of production partners in NJ, and we can provide your casework at a high level of quality and for a fair price. Our staff can work with you to design a beautiful interior for your country club and gathering space. Choose from a wide and stylish variety of veneer samples and coordinate the details with our partners. We’ll explain all of the costs of production to you, and how you can reduce them.

Once you have made the decision on the design, our fabrication team creates the materials to your expectations, including passing them through our strict quality control process. We’ll install your new casework, smooth out any flaws, and stay in touch for any future modifications you may need. Your members and guests will absolutely love the new look of your country club’s interior, and you’ll love the price.

Contact us today to find out more about our NJ custom casework for country clubs, whether you’re upgrading, renovating, or moving to a new location. We can help beautify your club and truly delight your members.

NJ Custom Casework for Restaurants

NJ Custom Casework for Restaurants

If you’re remodeling or expanding your restaurant, you’re laying out a considerable amount of money for the improvement. Be sure to hire a trusted contractor in NJ custom casework for restaurants – one who understands the value and appeal of high quality casework and the inviting look it gives your restaurant. A casework specialist should work with you and your team to draw up the design you’re looking for, have quick access to materials, and get the project done to your specifications.

Atmosphere makes a world of difference in a restaurant’s success. The architectural design of a restaurant’s interior reflects the clientele, whether you’re serving burgers to kids, wings and beer to sports fans or gourmet meals to romantic couples. When you use high quality materials in an aesthetically well-designed space, it all becomes part of a first class customer experience.

Let Capitol Woodwork handle your restaurant casework needs. We’ve recently expanded our capabilities, and our network of production partners enables us to provide the highest quality casework at very fair prices. Our professional staff works with you from start to finish to design your ideal restaurant interior. We’ll explain the costs of production and how to minimize them, allow you to choose from a wide variety of veneer samples, and coordinate all of the details with our production partners.

Once you’ve chosen your materials and design, our fabrication team ensures that your materials are created exactly to your specifications, including adding our own quality control process. We’ll then complete the installation, correct any flaws, and remain available for any modifications as needed. You and your customers will love your newly improved restaurant, and you’ll love the price of the renovation.

Find out more about why Capitol Woodwork is the easy choice for quality NJ custom casework for restaurants. Whether you’re renovating, upgrading, or opening a new location, contact us today to tell us about your project. We’re looking forward to beautifying your place of business for the future.

NJ Custom Casework for Law Offices

NJ Custom Casework for Law Offices

Capitol Woodworking is ready to be your choice in NJ custom casework for law offices. Our Marlton-based company offers top quality woodwork and casework for law offices large and small throughout the region. We can give your office location an attractive, durable finish, for a professional look that reflects your office brand and values. At Capitol, we believe in full dedication to our customer’s needs, and in managing ourselves with the highest level of integrity and respect.

We have completed or been associated with multiple law office projects over the years, and we understand the attention to detail required for such prestigious clients. Acoustics plays an important role in the privacy requirements of meeting and conference spaces, and our association with FabriTrak Systems Inc. enables us to create interiors with the highest level of quality finishes and acoustics. We have recently expanded our facilities and our network of manufacturing partners, and we have the staff and equipment to handle any size project.

When you choose Capitol for your NJ law office’s interior casework, we’ll collaborate with your team through a step-by-step process. We start by providing you with a detailed breakdown of the costs, and how you can reduce them. We then advise you regarding the drawing and woodworking conditions in your office environment. You can then choose from veneer samples that suit your firm’s brand and budget. Our team will draw up the plans, submit the scope for your approval, and coordinate all of the details. From top to bottom, we ensure your casework project is exactly what you’ve desired.

We believe you’ll be thrilled not just with the finished work, but also the individualized service we offer and our very fair pricing. It’s what separates Capitol Woodwork in NJ custom casework for law offices. View some of our interior legal projects here; when you’re ready to learn more, contact us to tell us about your project. We look forward to beautifying your interior space!

Custom Casework For Retail Stores

Custom Casework For Retail Stores

It’s an important decision when choosing a contractor to build custom casework for retail stores. The woodwork or casework in your store should not only be appealing to the eye, it should reflect your brand and remain durable and viable for many years to come. Your casework specialist should be able to design the ideal look for your store, be able to access materials and equipment quickly, and complete the project on time and to your specifications, with the ability to make changes as needed.

At Capitol Woodwork, our goal is to provide the highest quality casework for your store and to create a look that makes the best impression on your employees and customers. We are based in southern New Jersey, but we continue to grow and expand our facilities to serve the mid-Atlantic region as well as the Northeast and New England.

We have the equipment, staff and flexibility to build casework that works for your store, whatever its type and size, and we can do it for a competitive price. We work with a large network of production partners, and we’ve recently expanded our own production facility to offer far more sophisticated manufacturing capability.

When you choose Capitol for your custom casework needs, we work with you from start to finish to beautify your retail store. We explain the costs of production to you, and offer ways to minimize them. We’ll work with your production team as needed and provide expert advice on drawing and woodworking conditions. You’ll be able to choose from multiple veneer samples and suppliers, which then go through our own quality control process. Our project engineers set up the design scope, submit it for your approval, and coordinate the details to ensure your casework is everything you’ve desired.

If you’d like to know more about why Capitol Woodwork remains the preferred choice in custom casework for retail stores, contact us today to tell us about your project. We look forward to remaking and beautifying your business.

NJ Interior Architectural Stone Contractors

NJ Interior Architectural Stone Contractors

Let Capitol Woodwork be your choice for NJ interior architectural stone contractors. We are a premium provider of casework for every type of business, from corporate offices to healthcare and hospitality facilities. Capitol’s focus is on commitment to our customers and on-time performance. We’ve been expanding our facilities and services, and stone and solid surfacing is among the quality services we provide to our customers.

When choosing stone contractors, we know it’s important to you to hire a team that works alongside with you to design a building interior to your vision, and that can turn the job around effectively without delays. An interior stone installation or redesign is a considerable investment, and we understand your desire to choose a firm that will provide superb work and complete the project on time.

At Capitol, we’ve recently invested over $1.5 million into our production plant in NJ, with some of the most sophisticated manufacturing capability in the northeast. We employ a production team that includes over 250 of our industry’s finest craftsmen, engineers, artists, and mechanics. With our recent facility expansion and design capacity, we can handle your time-sensitive project regardless of its size or location.

We’ll work with you from start to finish on your building’s interior stone design. We start with a budget and design analysis and proposal that includes a detailed breakdown of the costs. Should you choose Capitol for your project, we’ll review the scope of work and project roles among team members. Our team will meet regularly with our production partners throughout the construction phase, and ensure that materials and production goals are consistently met. After installing your new stone interior, we’ll conduct a final walkthrough and correct any relevant imperfections.

If you’re planning a redesign of your building’s interior space, contact Capitol Woodwork today and find out more about why we’re the ideal choice in NJ interior architectural stone contractors. We’re looking forward to creating an interior space that you, your employees and your customers will love.

NJ Hospital Casework Contractors

NJ Hospital Casework Contractors

At Capitol Woodwork, we’ve got the team, tools, and experience to be your NJ hospital casework contractors. Our home office is right here in New Jersey, and while we’ve been expanding to serve the entire mid-Atlantic region, we’ve been updating our services to meet modern needs of hospitals and laboratories. We’ve built a strong set of manufacturing skills, along with a network of high end production partners, and we can provide you quality casework at a price well within your budget.

We understand that hospital casework projects often have to meet special requirements. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities need to meet certain time-sensitive and quality specifications. Facilities are often very large with multiple and complex additions. That’s why our team works with you throughout every step of your project:

  • Our professional engineers create casework solutions that meet the highest standards of the Architectural Woodworking Institute.
  • We work to provide an estimate of the total costs that is both accurate and meets your anticipated budget goals. Knowing the price is as important to us as it is to you.
  • Our vendors have to meet our strict requirements, and our team looks after quality control to provide the best materials for your project needs.
  • Our project managers ensure continuous flow of information, from initial design submission to the final punch list. We daily keep the project going on time and on schedule.
  • We schedule each task to be completed in an orderly fashion; our team is aware of the milestones of your project and completes them on time.
  • Our contractors bring out the needed staff and equipment to your site to install your new casework, whether your contract requires union or non-union labor.

Capitol Woodwork is a trusted name in NJ hospital casework contractors because of our dedication to exceeding customer expectations from top to bottom. Contact us today to tell us about your new project…whatever your hospital casework needs and budget, Capitol is ready for you.

NJ Laboratory Casework Contractors

NJ Laboratory Casework Contractors

Capitol Woodwork is your destination for NJ laboratory casework contractors. We are located right here in New Jersey, and we provide casework for businesses and institutions in the state and beyond. We’re continually expanding our manufacturing capabilities, facilities and supplier partners, and we’re more able than ever to offer you the highest quality laboratory casework at a price your budget can afford.

Recently we’ve partnered with one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of casework for the education and healthcare marketplace. We understand the stringent demands when it comes to your facility, and this partnership enables us to provide specifically constructed casework to meet your stringent requirements. Capitol is ready to handle your time-sensitive and premium grade projects.

Capitol Woodwork thoroughly looks after each step in your project:

  • Engineering – We employ in-house professionals to create the ideal design solutions, while following the highest standards of the Architectural Woodwork Institute.
  • Estimating – We are dedicated to meeting your budget goals with an accurate estimation of the costs. We make it as important to us as it is to you to have an established price in place.
  • Purchasing – We place strict requirements on vendors, and we employ our own quality control process to bring in the highest quality materials for your laboratory needs.
  • Project Management – Our team stays on top of the progress of your project from the initial plan submissions to the final punch list. Each day, we make sure your casework is on time and done to specifications.
  • Scheduling – We take the time to oversee each step in the process is done in an orderly fashion. Our project leaders keep our team completing milestones on time.
  • Installation – Our contractors will bring the sufficient staffing and equipment to your site, be it through union or non-union labor as per your contract requirements.

Trust Capitol Woodwork to be your NJ laboratory casework contractors and let us exceed your expectations. Contact us today to tell us about your project…we’re ready to help create a functional and attractive new space for your facility.

Custom Interior Wall Fabric Designs

Custom Interior Wall Fabric DesignsFor custom interior wall fabric designs that create a striking visual appearance and feel to your place of business or government building, Capitol Woodworking is your destination. At Capitol, we remake building interiors with a beautiful and lasting finish, for businesses in any industry…including hospitality, healthcare, gaming, government and educational facilities. We provide wall fabric design services throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic states, from southern Virginia to New England.

We’ve recently expanded our product line and network of vendors, so we can provide you with whatever wall fabric material suits your needs and handle projects of any size. For your designs, we provide acoustical and soundproofing treatments, veneer layup and much more. Our staff includes over 250 qualified engineers, designers and mechanics, so we have a wide range of skills for your specific design requirements.

Capitol Woodworking’s staff works with your own design and production team from start to finish. We start with a detailed overview of your costs, and how you can reduce them without sacrificing quality. We then advise you on the various wall fabric conditions in your facility’s environment.

From there, we’ll contact a supplier through our network for the samples you need to choose from that meet your taste and budget. Once we draw up the plans, we submit them for your approval, coordinate the details, and create the interior design that is everything you’ve desired.

Capitol Woodworking is dedicated to quality finishes, customized designs and fair pricing. It’s what makes us the easy choice for custom interior wall fabric designs. We invite you to have a look at some of our completed projects on this website, and see how we can beautify your building’s interior.

When you’re ready to tell us about your project, contact us here. We’re looking forward to creating an interior space your employees and customers will love.

Casework Fabrication Contractors

Casework Fabrication Contractors

At Capitol Woodwork, we’re your source for casework fabrication contractors across the Northeast United States and beyond. We provide high-end, quality woodwork fabrication for all types of facilities, including corporate offices, casino gaming, healthcare, hospitality, municipal buildings and more. Our team is dedicated to on time project completion and to the highest level of client satisfaction.

Capitol Woodwork is built to handle your casework projects whether they’re large or small. Our staff of over 250 engineers, project managers and mechanics are among the best in the industry, and we can complete your beautiful new woodwork project at a price within your budget. We’ve built a large network of production partners, so you can select the ideal materials and have them delivered fast. Is soundproofing on your list of needs? Call on Capitol for your acoustical wall and ceiling treatments too.

Our team works with yours from beginning to end on your woodworking project:

1) We listen to your needs and wants and offer you a full, complete estimate of the costs, including how you can save on various materials and labor

2) Our woodworking artists provide you with expert advice on the type of woodwork that suits your type of facility and location

3) We’ll help you choose from ideal veneer samples to match your specifications

4) After you order the materials, we take it through a strict quality control process, so that your woodwork meets the highest AWI standards and meets your requests 100%

Capitol Woodwork has the flexibility you need to customize your specific woodworking needs at a fair price, so call on us to be your casework fabrication contractors. When you’re ready to create a beautiful new space for your office, hospital or hotel, use this form to tell us about your project. You and your visitors will love the new look of your facility!