Acoustical Ceiling Systems Contractors

For professional acoustical ceiling systems contractors that provide high quality work at a fair price, Capitol Woodwork is your choice. We provide woodwork and casework for a variety of commercial entities in the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Our clients include hospitality, gaming, healthcare, and other entities, and we can tailor any casework project to meet your facility improvement needs.

Capitol Woodwork is an authorized FabriTRAK® dealer, and we provide acoustical ceiling treatments with their trademark FabriSPAN™ ultra-wide width fabric. The FabriSPAN™ System makes use of wide width fabric and the FabriSPAN™ Ceiling Trak not only to create an ideal acoustic environment, but also to enhance the visual aesthetics of the room. FabriSPAN™ fabrics are available in whites and soft hues that can add an inviting look to your room and ceiling, or choose black or another color for a customized, more dramatic look.

Our construction staff can integrate the FabriSPAN™ Ceiling System with the existing ceiling fixtures in your facility, including lighting applications, HVAC duct work, and sprinkler systems, for a smooth ceiling finish and seamless installation.

Our staff will work with yours from start to finish: we’ll provide you with a detailed cost analysis of the project, help you to select the appropriate color and size materials, complete the fabrication and installation process, and conduct a final walkthrough to correct any issues with the finished project.

With our state of the art facility and first class staff, Capitol Woodwork has the flexibility you need to customize and remake your ceiling system at a competitive price. When you’re ready to bring in acoustical ceiling systems contractors that will improve the look and feel of your place of business, call us today or use this online form to tell us about your needs. We’re ready to work with you on acoustical ceiling treatments you’ll love.