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NJ Custom Casework for Public Buildings

Capitol Woodwork is the premier destination for local governments seeking NJ custom casework for public buildings. We provide premium grade architectural woodwork for public entities throughout the northeast region. Capitol is dedicated to commitment to our customers, carrying out projects with integrity and respect, and on time and on budget performance.

With New Jersey’s local and state municipalities, new construction budgets can often be strained, and public entities are focused on having taxpayer-funded projects completed on time. At Capitol, we have the staff and resources to do just that. From design to construction, we’re capable of delivering high quality woodworking projects without delays or surprise costs.

Capitol features custom casework expertise and collaboration in every phase of your project:

Engineering. We find the most applicable solutions to execute your woodwork finish to the highest standards as defined by the Architectural Woodwork Institute. We employ a team of in-house engineering professionals, and we share an alliance with world class engineering firms for quick turnaround of shop drawings.

Budgeting. We take great care in evaluating the drawings and specifications of your project, and ensure that the team is protecting from a costing perspective. We establish firm pricing to keep design and development focused on budget goals based on project renderings.

Project Management. Our project team assembles a comprehensive scheduling plan within ten days of a contract award. We ensure that the entire construction team is aware of the milestones to complete a project on time.

Installation. Our team of installation subcontractors enable us to send a sufficient amount of workers to your site to complete your woodwork installation. We provide both Union and Open Shop resources to meet project requirements.

Contacting NJ Custom Casework for Public Buildings

Find out more about why Capitol Woodwork is a trusted source in NJ custom casework for public buildings. View some of our completed public projects here, or contact us today to tell us about your new development or improvement plans. We can create a beautiful new finish for your building, all on time and at a fair price.

Custom Casework Contractor Trusted by Architects Nationally

Custom Casework Contractor Trusted by Architects Nationally

At Capitol Woodwork, we’ve established a strong enough reputation for quality, on time woodwork to be a custom casework contractor trusted by architects nationally. You can view a partial listing of some of the top name architectural firms we’ve worked with here; we’re proud of the fact that some of the largest names in architecture in the country look to Capitol for their woodworking needs.

Commercial or government construction projects involve a high level of visibility and sensitivity. Top performance with no excuses is a must; investors need to know that their new construction or upgrade project will be completed properly and on time. From start to finish, casework contractors need to be on top of the progress, organized step by step, and ensuring that deliveries and construction milestones are consistently met.

About Custom Casework Contractor Trusted by Architects Nationally

We’ve built a strong network of production partners for a variety of services, enabling us not only to expand our service region, but also to provide the highest quality casework at a competitive price. From budget analysis to viewing veneer samples, through fabrication and installation, our team has the experience and know-how to work with your design team and build a whole new look for your building’s interior.

Our premium quality casework is available for most every type of facility, be it corporate, judicial, gaming, hospitality and more. Whatever the project, we believe in total commitment to safety, on time performance, and teamwork.

The knowledge that a quality project will be done on time and on budget is what makes Capitol a custom casework contractor trusted by architects nationally, including by names like HOK, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, Smithgroup and many more. Contact us today to tell us about your woodwork, stone, ceiling or wall treatments, or other casework project. We’re looking forward to beautifying the interior of your facility and improving its value.