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Custom Casework Contractor for Comcast Building

Custom Casework Contractor for Comcast Building

We are proud to be the custom casework contractor for Comcast Building. The place that goes “Beyond the Fast” called on us to deliver, and our staff got to work. Capitol Woodwork provides premium grade architectural woodwork and casework for the commercial construction industry. Our core values include an unconditional commitment to our customers, managing ourselves with the highest level of integrity and respect, and ensuring that our focus is always on safety, on-time performance, and teamwork.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been the go-to casework team that company;s can rely on for superior craftsmanship and quality outcomes.

Our network of production partners has allowed us to provide the very highest level of quality at very competitive pricing, allowing our Clients to depend on our team of construction professionals to coordinate these multiple spec sections effortlessly and seamlessly. The Comcast building is now dressed in light brown casing with lights leaving a yellow glow. With pillars leading to bright halos and simple panels, the executive lounge is balanced in both business and relaxation. Clad in mannequin workers tight roping on the pipes that crisscross the lobby and pastel decor that leaves guests, the building is as much about community as it is about service- after all, the two go hand in hand.

As the custom casework contractor for Comcast Building, our work reflects the impact of their business. For more on our team and what we have to offer- visit us here.