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Custom Casework Contractor for Casinos and Gaming

Custom Casework Contractor for Casinos and Gaming

Capitol Woodwork is the premiere provider of the highest quality of architectural woodwork and casework for the commercial construction industry serving the corporate, judicial, healthcare, gaming and hospitality marketplaces. For the team at Capitol Woodwork, they believe in complete commitment to their clients, holding themselves to the highest accountability, maintaining the safest practices available, and sticking to a detailed scheduled for the quickest results. The challenges a gaming project brings to our team is unmatched. The process, with so many moving parts and demands to be met on time, makes the entire experience exhilarating.  For 3 decades now, our team has become more familiar with the gaming sector, adding unique value to our contributions on gaming projects. It is these principles that gives us credence as the best technicians for those who need custom casework contractor for casinos and gaming.

We’ve spent the last several years expanding our products and services in a better effort to lend our expertise towards:

  • Acoustical Wall and¬†Ceiling Treatments
  • Hospital and Laboratory Casework
  • Lockers
  • Architectural Metal
  • Stone and Solid Surfacing

It is our vast network of partners, specialists, and technicians that has given us the ability to compete in pricing. For our clients, they know they can rely on our construction professionals to coordinate these multiple sections effortlessly and seamlessly.

If you are in need of a custom casework contractor for casinos and gaming, contact us here, for quotes and details.