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NJ Woodwork Fabrication Companies

NJ Woodwork Fabrication Companies

Capitol Woodwork is your professional destination for NJ woodwork fabrication companies. Our company is based in Marlton, and we offer high quality woodwork fabrication for commercial facilities throughout the Northeast. We serve businesses ranging from corporate, healthcare, gaming, hospitality and more. Capitol Woodwork is committed to the highest level of integrity and respect for our clients, and to on time performance and teamwork.

Whether your woodwork project is large or small, Capitol has the staff and equipment to complete the job at a competitive price. Our large network of production partners allows us to select the best materials for you and have them delivered quickly. We’ve expanded our services to include acoustical wall and ceiling treatments, so you can add soundproofing to your list of projects. Our team of over 250 engineers, artists, project managers and mechanics are among the best in the business, and they know how to meet clients’ woodworking needs.

Capitol Woodwork will work with your team from start to finish to assure that you’re completely satisfied. We’ll give you a full estimate of the costs of your project and how you can save on materials and labor. Our artists can offer you expert advice in woodwork conditions that suit your location and type of facility. We work with our providers to find ideal veneer samples to match your specifications. Once your material is ordered, we put the woodwork through a quality control process that ensures the highest level of AWI standards are met. We want you to be 100% satisfied that we’ve designed your woodworking precisely to your request.

At Capitol, our personalized service and on time production are what make us the ideal choice for NJ woodwork fabrication companies. We hope that you’ll take some time to view our finished work, and how we make the same difference for your business. When you’re ready to beautify your space, click here to contact us. We’ll give your facility a look that you and your customers will love.