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NJ Commercial Woodworking Contractor

NJ Commercial Woodworking Contractor

Capitol Woodwork is the established destination in your search for a qualified NJ commercial woodworking contractor. We are based in Marlton and provide the highest quality woodworking for commercial buildings throughout our great state. Whatever your facility, be it corporate, healthcare, gaming, hospitality or judicial, we can create a beautiful space for you. For over four decades, the Capitol Woodwork name has meant the highest quality and dedication to customer service.

At Capitol, we can handle your project whatever its size, and do it for a competitive price. We interface with a very large production partner network, and we have been able to expand to acoustical wall and ceiling treatments and much more. Our facilities continue to grow, and our team of construction professionals can coordinate multiple specifications smoothly. We’ve recently invested in a major upgrade to our NJ plant, enabling us to offer some of the most sophisticated manufacturing capability in the region.

When you call on us to be your NJ commercial woodworking contractor, we work with your production team every step of the way. We start with a detailed overview of the costs and how you can minimize them. Then we’ll provide your team with expert advice on the drawing and woodworking conditions. Once the design is in place, we’ll show you veneer samples and find the appropriate suppliers. We set up the project’s scope, submit it to your team for approval, arrange a sketch session, and coordinate the details of the design. We’ll make sure your woodworking project is everything you’ve requested.

We invite you to look around this website and see examples of our finished work, and why so many New Jersey clients choose us to be their commercial woodworking contractor. If you’d like to know more about our high quality, affordable services, click here to contact us. We can’t wait to beautify your commercial space!