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NJ Authorized FabriTRAK® Dealers

NJ Authorized FabriTRAK® DealersCapitol Woodwork is a member of the esteemed group of NJ Authorized FabriTRAK® Dealers. FabriTRAK® Systems Inc. is based in nearby Mount Laurel, not far from our Marlton office, and is a market leader in acoustical wall treatments. Their unique FabriTRAK® invention offers the flexibility to meet specific project demands for our clients.

About NJ Authorized FabriTRAK® Dealers

FabriTRAK® is a world leader in soundproofing because they understand the value of having a quiet place to work, gather, or dine among other things. Businesses, places of worship, restaurants…in such places, people are looking to escape the continuous noise surrounding their daily lives.

FabriTRAK® offers several advantages in acoustical wall systems. It is constructed using a combination of substrate materials that suit the desired acoustical balance, whether the requirement is to be reflective or absorptive. It is also specifically designed to allow designer creativity in constructing a wall or ceiling space, with over fifty different traks available to meet a designer’s needs, including bottom, top or side entry designs.

FabriTRAK’s® products are assembled on-site, so that the configuration may be adjusted for the acoustics of a particular room. FabriTRAK® is also fire-retardant, and is composed of polymers and additives without volatile organic compounds.

You can learn more about FabriTRAK® on their website by clicking here.

Capitol Woodwork joined the list of NJ Authorized FabriTRAK® Dealers because of our commitment to a network of high quality production partners. As we have expanded our solutions to include acoustical wall and ceiling treatments, we believe in offering the best in premium grade architectural woodwork for commercial construction.

Our partnership with FabriTRAK® Systems Inc. is part of the Capitol Woodwork philosophy: commitment to customers, high quality production, and safe, on-time performance. Call Capitol today and find out more about our partnership with FabriTRAK®, and what that means for your business.

The core values we hold of unconditional commitment to our customers, managing ourselves with the highest level of integrity and respect, ensuring that our focus is always dedicated to safety, and on time performance and teamwork, have given us the reputation for quality woodworking and design. From the initial design phases of the project throughout the development of the construction documents, Capitol Woodwork provides the design and construction community with the following complimentary services.